Housing Discretionary

Housing Discretionary Assistance

The Iyanbito Chapter supports and promotes improvements or modifications to homes to enhance livable, safe and general welfare living conditions for community members–meeting the basic need for decent, adequate housing. 

Applying for Housing Discretionary Assistance


There are two types of assistance

  1. Minor repairs/ home improvements
  2. House addition

​Eligibility requirements

  1. ​registered voter for Iyanbito Chapter House
  2. Must be an enrolled tribal member of the Navajo Nation
  3. Be eighteen (18) year of age or older
  4. Be owner and occupant of the home in Iyanbito Chapter
  5. Reside in Iyanbito Chapter
  6. Applicant must attend Planning meeting to formaly request the assistance and attend sponsor the resolution at the regular meeting. However:   due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, one may submit a handwritten letter stating the reason for nonattendance and designation of representative will be attached to the application packet
  7. Eligible one (1) time every two years
  8. The Housing Discretionary assistance work requested by the applicant for their house must be completed within eight (8) weeks. The Chapter Administration will provide a follow-up report summarizing the progress and/or achievement of the requested housing discretionary assistance project.

Application Checklist

  1. Housing Discretionary Application- completed and signed
  2. Statement of Work & Follow-up Report Form- top portion completed
  3. Copy of Valid Social Security Card
  4. Valid driver’s license or identification card
  5. Certificate of Indian Blood or official tribal identification card
  6. Proof of Home ownership (e.g. home site lease; title commitment; mortgage agreement; testimonial; lifetime rights; CHR referral, etc.)
  7. Three (3) price quotes from three vendors each containing the same materials listing

Applications can be picked up at chapter house during office hours

Distribution of housing discretionaries depends on the availability of funds and applicant/condition of home priority